GADZOOK FILMS Producing independent film in Seattle, Los Angeles and beyond.

About Me

Name’s Dom Zook. I'm a geeky filmmaker. I run GadZook Films. I'm producing House of Yhargoth, a web-series based in the Cthulhu Mythos premiering soonish.

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  1. Hello Dom,

    You dont know me but I work with one of your cast members from ‘Night Shift”, Cher. I guess she was in season 1. Well its her bday soon and we wanted to do something silly. Do you happen to have any footage of that first season available so that we can properly embarrass her?

    Nicholas Veneroso

  2. Haha, oh boy do I. I can look for some this weekend and toss it on WeTransfer or something. I don’t have a lot of the outtakes unfortunately (VHS tape does not last long) but I should have the sketches somewhere on digital.

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