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Brief Update

Hey! I'm working on several posts but since they're taking a bit longer than I had hoped here's a little something to keep you sated.

1) Our 48-Hour Film "Coaching Me Softly" was selected as a finalist in the "Best of" competition for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project. At the screening and awards ceremony last night we walked away with four nominations and one win. We were nominated for Best Writing, Best Actor, Best Use of Character, and Best Special Effects. Our lead, Dian Bachar, won for Best Actor and I couldn't be happier. The guy deserves it. He's super fun to work with and watch.

2) The script for our Lovecraftian web-series "House of Yhargoth" was submitted to the HP Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon. We're still waiting for word on that.

3) It was my birthday this past weekend! I bought myself an iPad because I've been dying to use some filmmaking apps built specifically for the device. Cleaned out my coffers but it's worth it. I am working on a post about all the lovely apps and hope to post that soon. If you'd like to have me review your app, contact me at domz at or via my Twitter @GadZook.

That's it for now! More soon, I hope!

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