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Early film equipment

We've completed filming of the first episode of the new season. Today we're having a professional photographer come and take publicity shots of the gang for the website and PR materials. We're big-time. 🙂

My good ol' Mac is currently undergoing retro-fitting to allow it to edit the show and future projects. It's not too shabby for a 3 year old Power Mac. Shortly I'll have most of the basic equipment needed to edit my projects. Still looking for an inexpensive DV VTR, if you know of one (preferably $500 +/-).

Otherwise... my audition for ReAct theatre felt like it went well. No call from them yet. I also auditioned for Showtunes! Musical Theatre. That went well too, but the next morning I had three e-mails in my inbox from the same person from the theatre all with the same message: thanks, but no thanks. Overkill? 🙂

Listening to Tenacious D, Superman Lovers, and Sarah Mclachlan now. Catch ya later... have a great Thanksgiving.

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