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New Agent

Moving on then. The Night Shift has begun filming and so far everything's looking superb. The cast and crew is excellent and it's really shaping up nicely. A new Empire Productions website is on its way as well, and more detailed info about the new cast and crew will be available then.

I have since signed on with the Actors Group and have been to a few auditions and callbacks, much to their delight. Always good to make a good first impression. Making the callback is almost as good as getting the gig... well, duh. But it really is! It means you impressed the CD enough to even call you back, which means they saw enough in you to make them think you were worth it. It's a good thing all around.

That's about it now. Things are picking up on the acting end with the agent now, and the Night Shift is occupying much time. Hot Crotch is beginning to get a little attention in the graphic design end. A poster has been floating around and hopefully I can post that soon.

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