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Wherein I try to use the blog to pickup chicks and wax poetic

Why hello there! Sorry about the delay. I've been pre-occupied with about a billion other things. Hot Crotch Duggins has finished principle photography, and the footage that I've seen so far is very funny. It's good too! Now my problem is getting the money needed to start logging the footage and editing. I want to be able to edit at home, and recently purchased a used Apple Power Mac 8600/300 (for you Mac afficianadoes). I plan to upgrade that. If you would like to contribute $2000 to me, that would more than cover the cost of the upgrade and also help me enter film fests. Tell your friends.

I have been cast in several shows over the next few months, as the MAIN page says. So free time has quickly dissipated. Add on the extra hours I've been putting in at my normal job in order to make the extra money for Christmas (yes, I'm thinking that far ahead), the business I'm trying to support and help grow, the rehearsing and filming of the Night Shift, and various other odds and ends, and my social life amounts to nil.

But know this... I am single and looking. I'm cool, clear, responsible, daring, and fun. If you have friends you'd like to set me up with, just e-mail me their info (with their permission of course). If you'd like to set YOURSELF up with me... do the same thing. I'm now taking applications. I'm so lonely. šŸ™ So come on... boost my ego... help me out! And let's go bowling!!

So auditions continue for me, but now seasons are getting cast and I'm starting to make long-range decisions. If you want me for your project, get while the gettin's good. I'm making a concerted effort to fortify Empire Productions into a formidable independent studio. I'm gathering a good team, making decisions, and I welcome help and advice and most importantly investors!

So that's it for now. My birthday is in a little over a month and as I quickly approach nearly a quarter of a century on this planet, I have to start thinking about making me happy, while also helping my fellow man, and the planet itself. I don't want to sound preachy, but it's something to dream about. Good luck in all that you do... and if you get a chance... let me know about it. Take care... I'll write again soon.

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