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48 Go Green Update

And another 48 Hour Film is in the books! This year we worked with one of our smallest crews ever. It was an awesome experience and I'm pretty happy and excited with the result. Winners are announced tomorrow, but as always with these types of contests it's really more of a test of storytelling skill.

The lessons one can pick up when working on these things just resonate through all of our work. It's fascinating and a great way to work with people. You see them at their most stressed. It's a terrific indicator of character and resolve.

Anyway, without further ado, here's what we created. Linked to Vimeo, but it's also on our YouTube page.

Made for the 2011 48 Go Green. This film was made from top to bottom in 48 hours. This is the original, uncut version. Aside from some updated credits, this is what we turned in at the end of those 48 hours.

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