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I need to get back to working on this more. In a software update about a year ago I lost all my fancy CSS and classy looks. I got distracted and this poor blog sat unnoticed for eons. Well, I've re-upped my commitment! I'm going to try and fix it this weekend and get it back to its former glory.

I was writing an article on the term "professional" and the myth of the no-budget movie. I realized I was sounding quite a bit hypocritical in those articles. So stay tuned to see if I'm able to dance my way around the terms and paint myself in to a pretty picture. I somehow highly doubt that.

Working on a couple of new projects and trying to get a consistent, reliable crew ironed out. Hopefully I can get completed (or near completed) projects back from various sources and get those up and out there soon. Anyway, bottom line, still truckin'!

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  1. I wouldn’t let CSS problems be an excuse for not blogging. Remember that most people reading this (including me) will be doing so in their Google Readers or whatever, so none of that fancy stuff will show up for them anyway. Including this here comment.

  2. Yeah, but it provides a convenient (albeit flimsy) scapegoat for me.

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