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iPhone 3G S and movies

This is a post from my nearly brand new iPhone 3G S, Apple's newest entry into the cell phone market. This baby shoots video as well, and spies have reported that the current hardware is capable of shooting in HD although that function is not yet enabled. Still these are exciting times and I am working on a number of ventures to take advantage of this new hardware. More info as it becomes available. And of course more film news and stories coming soon!

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  1. Hey I thought you should see this. It will make your ears bleed but it is an interesting read

  2. The processor is labeled as a little bit more recent model number however it and also the GPU are most likely the similar speed as the 3GS. The old Touch using the similar CPU and GPU since the 3G was faster. Besides getting the clock speed turned up higher the Touch has much less software to run since itís not a phone. It ought to beat any iPhone to day in performance.

  3. Hey, just been reading this site – it’s great. The iPhone is definitely changing for the better with the launch of the iPhone 4 don’t you think? I haven’t got much money at the moment so looking forward to getting my free iPhone in a week or two. Apparently there aren’t many articles for the iPhone 4 yet, when I get mine I’ll be writing a few – feel free to come and have a look at my site if you want to use them at all. Martin

  4. Well with the iPhone 4 out now this is a little out of date but I thought I’d post anyway and let you know how awesome the new iPhone 4 is and has HD video so definitely worth checking out!

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