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Film Fighting Workshops!

Friend of GadZook Films, Kevin Inouye (aka the Fight Designer), has some upcoming workshops up in Seattle. I highly recommend these classes. Kevin knows his stuff and is a great person to talk to about filming needs. Even the smallest projects would benefit from Kevin's expertise. Don't guess when you can know, especially if you're using weapons on set. And Kevin knows. Check 'em out!

Film Fighting Workshops

from Fight Designer, LLC.

March 28th, 1-5pm.
Intro to Film Fighting
This class is perfect for the martial artist or stage combatant wanting to learn how to adapt their skills for fighting on camera. Topics covered include camera awareness, playing the angles, basic on-set protocol, and how to use the medium to make your fights look good. Everyone will get time in front of the camera, with time to analyze the results as a group.
$45 pre-registration, $50 at the door.

April 4th, 1-5pm
Tricks of the Trade
This class delves into how we can use video or film to really push the limits of what we can show in-camera. Creative use of angles, editing, props, and some very minor stunt gear can help us make superhuman stuntmen/women out of just about anyone. Our hits can be harder, our falls can be higher, our moves flashier, or our violence more convincing. The emphasis here is on techniques that could be available to the typical low budget Seattle area production. While the stunt performers will get to have the most fun, this class could also be of great interest to anyone wanting to direct, shoot, or coordinate action scenes, and we may get participants from several areas of production. Those willing to get messy may get to play with blood effects.
$45 pre-registration, $50 at the door.

April 18th, 1-5pm
Modern Firearms for the Stage and Screen
Gun handling skills are essential for modern action scenes on the stage or the screen. We'll cover both safety and style, with a focus on modern police/military tactical firearms use. Learn how to stage a gunfight that's safe and reads as a FIGHT! Besides basic handling, we'll look at the specialized tools of our trade, carrying, drawing, reloading, and reholstering, weapons disarms/retention, and small unit tactics. We'll also explore reactions to gunshots and blood effects. Everyone who wishes to will get to fire blanks, as well as handle a variety of weaponry.
$50 pre-registration, $55 at the door.

Sign up for all three workshops for $125!

Email Kevin Inouye at to put your name on the registration list. Be sure to include which workshop(s) you will be attending. Payment can be made in advance or on the day of your first workshop, via cash or credit card.

Kevin Inouye has been doing fights for both stage and screen for the last decade. His training includes recognition through the Society of American Fight Directors, but has also been heavily informed by his studies of both Asian and European martial arts, a psychology and research background, and by additional stage combat and stunt training from the International Order of the Sword & Pen, Hellbenders fire stunts, and Hazard Factory stunts. He is sole proprietor of Fight Designer, LLC, providing fights, gun wrangling, instruction, and prop weaponry to the Seattle area and beyond.

Lee's Martial Arts is located in West Seattle, at 3270 California Ave SW.

Posted by Dom