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‘Old Tricks’ at Local Sightings

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A movie I made will be playing at the NW Film Forum's Local Sightings film festival on Friday, October 5th, at 9:15pm. It's part of the first ever Spletz-O-Rama Invitational film challenge. We made a movie based on the theme of "fairy tales". Come check out what we put together. Featuring the talents of Lori Lee Haener, Jaime Mastromonica, David S. Hogan and Gary Crawford. Written by Faye Hoerauf.

Hope to see you there! Location is the NWFF at 1515 12th Ave. in Capitol Hill.

Pester the film forum for ticket info which they have not released yet. And buy your tickets EARLY. The theater is small and I'd love to have a strong showing here. Thanks!

Some points of interest to you fellow filmmakers:
- I directed this thing. I produced it, too, but the main thing is I directed something. First time since 2005's 'Hook Her'.
- We shot on the HV20 using the Cinevate Brevis 35mm lens adapter.

The goals for me on this shoot was to see how far we could go with as minimal a crew as possible. The answer? pretty far. I wouldn't want to do it again just for the sake of maintaining everyone's sanity. But we pushed through a lot and pretty well considering. I'm proud of what we did. The perfectionist in me sees room for constant improvement, of course, but I'm happy with the outcome.

While using the adapter introduced new problems in the traditional digital technique, it produced some amazing images. I'm not a fan of the HDV codec, however, and would like to test the system on an HVX-200 with a lot more pre-production planning to get shots nailed down. Shooting on the fly with these lenses is not easy! My hats off to the camera crew for slogging through the technical difficulties and my hesitancy.

And of course thanks to everyone who worked on this. Full crew thusly:

Written by Faye Hoerauf

Morag - Lori Lee Haener
Laura - Jaime Mastromonica
Percy - David S. Hogan
Terry - Gary Crawford
Wolf Minion - Lily

Camera & Lights - Travis Phelps, John Scrapper, Matt Selby
Assistant Director - Spencer Fornaciari
Editor - Slavka Kolbel
Script Supervisor - Faye Hoerauf
Sound - Dusty Edwards
Opening Titles - Lee at Digital Kitchen


P.S. This movie and this summer's 'Sausage Fest' will be appearing on the GadZook website in the next couple of weeks. In addition, 'Old Tricks' should be hitting YouTube.

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  1. Sounds cool Dom. I’ll try to make it

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