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Who doesn’t like short films?

Whell... back to the drawing board. With interest in "Plight of the Living Dead" beginning to wane, we here at GadZook Films are looking for new projects to focus on. That's not to say POTLD is out of the running just yet. No indeed. It's slowly churning away in the back of people's minds. People who know people. People with money. It's only a matter of time before they realize the gold mine they're sitting on.

Until then, we're starting to work on some new scripts for short films. The goal is to make one this year or early next. Something for the history books. Or at least, the local film history books. A fun, well made, somewhat funded, masterpiece. No concrete story ideas are out yet so I won't divulge anything. And we're so far away from actual production I can't even speculate what it might consist of or when it might take place. Suffice to say we plan on keeping things small in the cast department and shooting something with a hint of genre in it so that it gets wide play at prospective festivals.

I'd like to keep us around $5-7,000 (like Snow Day) and I think we can be even smarter with budgeting to stretch the dollar further. That means we need to raise $5-7,000!! I'm always looking for new ways to raise money without going to the proverbial well of non-profit umbrella status. Any ideas are welcome.

Story ideas, however, are not. We're not on the hunt for scripts so please don't send any. Danke.

So after a long hiatus (our last filming endeavor resulted in two trailers for Plight and Fetch) we'll be getting back behind the camera soon. Not to mention a return to the 48-Hour Film Project - which we won two years ago. Time to show those artsy-fartsy types what makes a good film! Hah. I kill me.

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  1. Shame about POTLD but you must soldier on. If you need any of my help give me a holler I’d be happy to do what I can

  2. Is it horror too? I’d love to help but I’m not so much into the horror thing. I don’t think I’d be very good at it.

    Where do I find indie film makers in seattle? I moved here from CT/NY after college (post/effects/3d) and i’d love to help with some films. Color correction, fx, even editing if it’s a short film.

    I looked into NWFF but I didn’t see a help wanted section of anything.

  3. Actually, I just read more about plight and I’d love to help if I can. WordPress stores my email, contact me if you would like help from a well trained (4 year BA in digital production) but inexperienced post guy.

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