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New Agent

Moving on then. The Night Shift has begun filming and so far everything's looking superb. The cast and crew is excellent and it's really shaping up nicely. A new Empire Productions website is on its way as well, and more detailed info about the new cast and crew will be available then.

I have since signed on with the Actors Group and have been to a few auditions and callbacks, much to their delight. Always good to make a good first impression. Making the callback is almost as good as getting the gig... well, duh. But it really is! It means you impressed the CD enough to even call you back, which means they saw enough in you to make them think you were worth it. It's a good thing all around.

That's about it now. Things are picking up on the acting end with the agent now, and the Night Shift is occupying much time. Hot Crotch is beginning to get a little attention in the graphic design end. A poster has been floating around and hopefully I can post that soon.


Push towards Professionalism

Ah... "Nobody Does it Better." That's the song I'm listening to right now on my James Bond Greatest Hits. The 5th episode of the Night Shift aired last night, and I'm getting ready to air the 6th and final episode for this season. Next? Well... I'm really trying to solidify Empire Productions into the Seattle filmmaking society and I think the Night Shift could get us there. So I'm revamping the whole thing, bringing on more crew, more actors, more writers, and generally making a huge push towards professionalism.

Hot Crotch is in the can, and I just got the pictures from my photographer. They all look great, and now it's a race against time getting the pictures we want before my photographer leaves for Europe for a month. It'll get done. 🙂 Anyway, I'll post pics here and at the Empire site once they get developed.

I can't wait to open my next play. It's good to be back on the boards. I feel quite comfortable with this gang, and I think the plays will reflect that. If you're a casting director or agent, expect a postcard and invite in the mail soon! 🙂


Wherein I try to use the blog to pickup chicks and wax poetic

Why hello there! Sorry about the delay. I've been pre-occupied with about a billion other things. Hot Crotch Duggins has finished principle photography, and the footage that I've seen so far is very funny. It's good too! Now my problem is getting the money needed to start logging the footage and editing. I want to be able to edit at home, and recently purchased a used Apple Power Mac 8600/300 (for you Mac afficianadoes). I plan to upgrade that. If you would like to contribute $2000 to me, that would more than cover the cost of the upgrade and also help me enter film fests. Tell your friends.

I have been cast in several shows over the next few months, as the MAIN page says. So free time has quickly dissipated. Add on the extra hours I've been putting in at my normal job in order to make the extra money for Christmas (yes, I'm thinking that far ahead), the business I'm trying to support and help grow, the rehearsing and filming of the Night Shift, and various other odds and ends, and my social life amounts to nil.

But know this... I am single and looking. I'm cool, clear, responsible, daring, and fun. If you have friends you'd like to set me up with, just e-mail me their info (with their permission of course). If you'd like to set YOURSELF up with me... do the same thing. I'm now taking applications. I'm so lonely. 🙁 So come on... boost my ego... help me out! And let's go bowling!!

So auditions continue for me, but now seasons are getting cast and I'm starting to make long-range decisions. If you want me for your project, get while the gettin's good. I'm making a concerted effort to fortify Empire Productions into a formidable independent studio. I'm gathering a good team, making decisions, and I welcome help and advice and most importantly investors!

So that's it for now. My birthday is in a little over a month and as I quickly approach nearly a quarter of a century on this planet, I have to start thinking about making me happy, while also helping my fellow man, and the planet itself. I don't want to sound preachy, but it's something to dream about. Good luck in all that you do... and if you get a chance... let me know about it. Take care... I'll write again soon.



Welcome back! Sorry for the long delay. Life is extremely busy. I've been taking classes from Jodi Rothfield to help prepare me for commercial-life. She's an excellent instructor, and I highly recommend the class. Not only is it good exposure, but she really helps break down your problem spots, and gives you an honest outlook on your performance. Call and see if you can get into her next class! Okay... advert over.

I've been busy collecting, hiring, setting up, drawing, planning and otherwise WORKING MY ASS OFF on my film, Hot Crotch Duggins. It's been an awesome ride and I'm learning a great deal. The Night Shift has prepared me very well for the rigors of producing. I think I'm a producer at heart. 🙂 It's also been very fun directing - a profession I never thought I'd find myself in. I'm a perfectionist at heart, and I can run myself ragged wanting to act, write, direct, edit, costume, light, etc. Of course, I can only do a couple of those things really well. The others... I'm smart enough to get other people to help me out with! What's tough is finding the right people. For continued info and development about Hot Crotch Duggins please go to Empire Productions.

Along with all that, it is the height of the audition season here in Seattle. I've been running my tail up and down Puget Sound. So far I've auditioned for the Seattle Children's Theatre, and the Tacoma Actors' Guild. The remaining auditions are: The Village Theatre, The 5th Avenue, and the Theatre Puget Sound Unified auditions which includes the Seattle Rep, ACT, the Intiman, and more! So needless to say, my stress level is high! 😐

I'm also taking voice lessons from the talented Rebecca Castelli. She's helped me improve my singing immensely, and I actually feel like I have a shot with these theatres! So it's been amazing. But with a very tight schedule, and even tighter funds, it's very hard to continue to follow my dream and live life! But I survive. I always have, and I always will. Hopefully I'll keep you all updated more frequently. Take care...